Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Why subscribe to the Dress Me Service?

This is personalized styling that allows you the freedom to buy things at their actual cost. Other styling businesses make you buy their own stuff with their styling cost already built in to the prices of the clothing. In this website, we aim to dress you completely at the price that is convenient to you and you are not bound to buy from any particular website or place. Other websites may tell you that it is free, but the price of styling has already been woven into the price of the things you are buying.

2.  After I subscribe for a year, what do I do when I don't need outfits for a particular month?

Just notify us and we won't send you outfits for that month and we won't bill you for that month. However, it is only one month per year that you may not receive a bill weather you want the outfits or not.

3.  What if I want less outfits than you send me?

Just notify us and we will send you less outfits.

4.  Do I always have to have new accessories for the clothing?

No, you may not. The accessories may be more , less, or none for a particular month depending on your preference.

5.  Can my wardrobe be put together from discount stores?

Yes, your wardrobe can be put together from a discount store; you just send us an email to that effect. We will give you a quote and a branch of the discount stores must be present where you live so that you can return the ones that you do not want.