Frequently Asked Questions

Do you deliver groceries?
Yes, we shop and deliver groceries to your home in a non-contact manner.
Your shopper can go to more than one grocery store to make sure your grocery list is completely delivered. Unlike other shopping and delivery services, there is no markup of store prices of items and no hidden fees in the prices of items. You just make your list on the shopping request page on the website. Price list of common grocery items is provided. You are not charged until your order and receipts are delivered.

Do you do shopping and delivery of other items?
Yes, we do full service shopping and delivery; from groceries, home essentials, clothing, back to school items, baby items, home decor to home improvement materials. You are not charged until your order and receipts are delivered. The shopping and delivery of very high ticket items as well as heavy items are discussed with the customer before the shopping.

Why is it called Personalized shopping and delivery?
It is called personalized shopping and delivery for the following reasons:
1) You make a list of the items you want purchased using the shopping request link on the website. You are not being presented with an array of items so you get to indicate only what you need.
2) You indicate your preferred shop, the maximum amount you want to spend on a particular item and the minimum amount you want to pay for that item. In this way, you control the quality of your items.
3) As a customer you can be in constant communication with your shopper through text messages if you want to. However, the shopper will inform you when the shopping starts and if you wish, will send you a text message about deals or bargain offers.

Personalized does not mean that a particular shopper is permanently attached to a customer.

What if I live outside the United States and wants shopping done for me?
Just send an email to as per your needs and someone will get back to you.

Why subscribe to the Dress Me Service?
This is personalized service that allows you the freedom to buy clothing at their actual cost and carry off your style with confidence by feeling good inside and out. Other styling businesses do not provide you with nutritional guide and make you buy their own stuff with their styling cost already built into the prices of the clothing. The Dress Me Service is Nutritional guide + Fashion styling in one package. We aim to style you completely at the price that is convenient for you, provide you with nutritional guide towards your desired self and let the fitness coach keep you fit.

If I subscribe, what do I do when I don't need outfits or nutritional guide for a particular month?
Just notify us and we skip that month. However, we continue the following month, unless you ask us to skip another month. Your subscription period remains unchanged.

What if I subscribe and do not want styling?
We will provide you with only the nutritional guide on a monthly basis.

What if I want less outfits than you send me?
Just notify us and we will send you less outfits.

Do I always have to have accessories for the clothing?
No, you may not. In a particular month depending on your preference, the accessories may be more , less, or none.

How much do I pay for one-on-one with the Fitness Coach?
It depends on the Fitness Coach.

Can my wardrobe be put together physically from particular stores only?
Yes, your wardrobe can be physically put together from any stores you like. Just send an email to to that effect.

Can my wardrobe be put together physically from discount stores?
Yes, your wardrobe can be physically put together from discount stores and shipped to you. Just send an email to to that effect.

Why should I use Cbazon Dress Me service for my wedding dresses?
Wedding is a joyous, but stressful event. Reduce the stress by getting acquainted with the styles that fit your body type and budget. Cbazon Dress Me service should be your first port of call while planning what to wear on your wedding day.

Why is my quote not shown on Quotes of the day?
Quotes of the day are chosen at random.

Will the quote I submitted be put on Cbazon's Instagram page?
If you wish. If you are a user of our Dress Me service and/or shopping service, your quote may be posted on Cbazon's Instagram page and you will be tagged. To appear on Cbazon's Instagram page, the quote must be your own words. Provide your Instagram handle when submitting the quote.

What kinds of experiences can I share?
1) Any life experience including thoughts about your own Startup or business.
2) Recipes
3) HowTos
4) Stories
5) Anything of importance to you; how you feel. CbazonLifestyle is big on your comfort. So don't go to bed with anger in your mind. Share how you feel and let your significant other, family, friend, roommate etc. read what you shared.
Only those who are subscribers to Dress Me service or users of Shopping and Delivery service can share information about their own Startups or experiences in their businesses.

Can I share a poem as an experience?
Yes, shared experience could be a poem/song or an article that you wrote or read that had an impact on you.

What can one not share?
Politics and any form of pornography.