Shopping Service

In this COVID-19 time, we seek to fulfill all your shopping needs, from grocery, non-perishables, clothing, and home accessories to home improvement materials.

Your shopper can go to more than one grocery store to make sure your grocery list is completely delivered.

Unlike other shopping and delivery services, there is no markup of store prices of items.
You are not charged until your order and receipts are delivered to you.

It is personalized:
1) You make a list of the items you want purchased, on the website, without being presented with an array of store items. This means you get to buy only what you actually need. Price list of common grocery items is provided as a guide.

2) You indicate your preferred shop , the maximum amount you want to spend on a particular item and the minimum amount you want to pay for that item. In this way, you control the quality of your items.

3) As a customer you can be in constant communication with your shopper through text messages if you want to. However, the shopper will inform you when the shopping starts and if you wish, will send you a text message about store deals/bargains.

If you are a busy parent that wants to spend more time with your kids, a tourist that does not want to spend hours shopping, or just someone that does not enjoy shopping then Cbazon's Shopping Service is for you too! Just use the shopping request or email us the list of items you want, we'll do the shopping for you!