Dress Me Service

The aim of Dress Me service is to help you feel good inside and out. With subscription to Dress Me Service, you get Nutritional Guide plus Fashion Styling in one package.

Dress Me Service is powered by:

(1) A group of fashionistas who want to help you, your family and friends dress best. We style you according to your price points, body types, and measurements.

(2a) Nutritionists/Dieticians who want to help you have your desired and healthy weight.

(2b) Nutritionists/Dieticians who specialize in helping people beat cancers.

(3) Fitness experts who want to help you keep fit.

(4) Everyday people who have been "there" and want to motivate you to feel good inside and out.

How It Works

  • Every month, based on your price points, we send you the URLs (web links) for 4 outfits with matching accessories specific for you. If you already have the outfits or do not like them, we will send you another set of URLs. We may use stores in your locality if you prefer.

  • We give you nutritional guide for weight loss, weight maintenance or for good health according to your profile and circumstances. The nutritional guide aims to help you arrive at food patterns that keep you at your desired, and healthy weight range.

  • You will complete a questionaire (optional) that establishes goals for weight loss, weight maintenance, good or better health. The questionaire includes food favorites, food aversions, limitations, as well as habits that may need to be adjusted to achieve the desired goals. It also contains questions (optional) that include family and personal history that need to be taken into consideration for nutritional guide.

  • You only have to pay $125/month. Take advantage of the promotions now and pay less.

  • If you want to use this service without a subscription for a specific event such as wedding, wedding anniversary, graduation ceremony, you will pay a one time fee of $99.00. We will send you links to 5 outfits with matching accessories.

  • If you want to use this service without subscription for a date, we will send you links to two outfits with matching accessories for a one time fee of $49.99. If you don't like the set you received send us an email and we will send you a new set.

  • If you want one-on-one with the fitness coach (say before your big event), the amount you pay depends on the coach.

  • You may also use this service without subscription to put together your wardrobe for work, going off to college, going on a cruise, or just everyday dressing. Send an email to dressme@cbazon.com and our fashionistas will work with you according to your budget.

  • Note that if you subscribe to the Dress Me service, you may contact us about the theme or mixture of themes you want in a particular month or throughout the subscription period. For example, you may tell us if in a particular time period the clothing you need is for work, occasion, date, etc. You may also contact us with questions about your nutritional guide. Contact email for Dress Me service is dressme@cbazon.com.

  • If you want us to purchase the outfit(s) for you, send us an email at customerservice@cbazon.com.

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