Delivery Service

The Delivery Service is designed to make life easier for people.

Who needs this service?
    • So that you leave your home only if you want to, when you want to, and if you have to. You don't need to go to curb side of a shop or store to pickup your items. We can pick them up and bring them to your home in a non-contact manner. If you only want delivery, send an email to or complete the delivery request form by clicking on the Request Delivery button below.
    • grocery delivery
    • In this COVID-19 times, we seek to fulfill all your shopping needs, from grocery, non-perishables, clothing, home accessories to home improvement materials, and deliver to you.

      It is easy and affordable. Just fill the shopping service request form or send your list in an email to It is personalized, so no more incomplete grocery delivery.
    • You can now travel light
    • You don't have to wonder if housekeeping changed your sheets in the hotel or residence
    • Just buy all your needs including sheets, towels, ship to the store and we will pick up from the store and deliver to you on the day of your arrival
    Students, interns, business travelers
    • Relax, you don't have to rush to the store in a strange place
    • We pickup all your needs from the store and deliver to you on the day you arrive
    Busy people
    • We will pick up your items from the store, or your items from where you want and deliver to where you want
    • We may also do the shopping for you, just use the shopping service.

Delivery Service is for pick up and delivery of items that are legal under the United States federal law.